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Install Oracle 19c on Rockylinux Almalinux Centos8

Introduction Oracle 19c server Configuration Checklist for Oracle Database Installation At least 1 GB of space in the /tmp directory required by oracle 19c.Between 1 GB and 2...

How to use Certbot, create a certificate for domain and submain

Introduction Let's Encrypt is a non-profit certificate authority run by (ISRG) that provides (TLS) encryption certificates at no charge. Certbot identifies the server administrator by a public key. The...

How to Install LEMP WordPress Ubuntu and Debian With Virtualhost

Introduction LEMP is the acronym for Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP. This tutorial is to host WordPress on the LEMP stack. Install MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04.2...

Hashicorp Nomad Cluster Lab on Centos & RockyLinux

Introduction We have been looking for alternative ways to utilize server resources for quite some time...

How to install Openldap on RockyLinux or Centos 8 Step by step

Introduction Why OpenLDAP? The project is to copy the LDAP reference source code. OpenLDAP is the abbreviation of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.LDAP is a vendor-neutral application...

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