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How to install HAProxy on FreeBSD

how to install haproxy on freebsd and configure to use it as a reverse proxy

Migrating from Apache to Nginx on FreeBSD

how I migrated from apache to nginx

How to reset MySQL root password

In this article I will show you how to reset MySQL root password in two different ways. Also both methods happen to work with...

How to Record terminal sessions in ubuntu

record terminal session

How to repair and Defragment partitions in ubuntu

Defragment ubuntu partition

How to create a streaming server in FreeBSD

So, you want to stream your games or maybe a webcam but don't like services like youtube or twitch. Or maybe you have...

How to install Bodhi Linux on virtual Box

Today , there a lot of distributions of linux spread over the Linux community. Sometimes linux community users find themselves in a confusing situation....

How to install Cinnamon in FreeBSD 13

This is a quick lesson about how to install Cinnamon in FreeBSD 13. If you like to install another Desktop Environment, you can check...

How to Create Hard Disk partitions in ubuntu

Storage devices play a critical role in the working of any system. Different operating systems use various types of file structures to store data....

How to install XFCE in FreeBSD 13

In this article we will learn about how to install xfce in FreeBSD 13, FreeBSD is a great Operating System as a server, but...

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