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Interested in writing for this site?  Want to showcase your talents and or expertise?  Want to show the expertise of yourself or your project and make it visible to thousands of Linux experts and enthusiasts?  Read more below.

Option 1: Donate your article

Send your article as a .doc .docx or .odt document to [email protected], If we think it will be of interest to our audience we will accept your donation of the content, edit and format it, and publish it on the site, and happily give you author credit in the about the author section on the article page including your Bio and links to your website. In order for us to publish the article, it must be original content, about Linux and or free and open-source software, and you must sign the contributor agreement giving the article copyright to us.

Option 2: Become a professional blogger

Email  [email protected]  some ideas of what topics you would like to cover, how long the articles will be, some idea of your level of expertise, and the pricing you charge for writing articles.  We can discuss this over email. Have a look at the types of articles we publish to see if you think your work would fit in with this content.