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How to install unrar on CentOS 9 Stream?

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install the latest stable version of unrar on CentOS 9 Stream. This way, you will be able to decompress RAR files.

UNRAR is a terminal tool used to decompress RAR files. These RAR files are some of the most common files you can find on the Internet.

Another aspect of UNRAR is that you can use it as a command or via an archiver such as GNOME File Roller or others.

The procedure is simple. Let’s get started.

Get the latest version of UNRAR on CentOS 9 Stream

First, update the whole system with the following command

sudo dnf update

After this, we have to install the wget command and the tar command

sudo dnf install wget tar

Now using wget you can download the latest version of UNRAR.

1.- Download the latest version of UNRAR
1.- Download the latest version of UNRAR

Then you can unzip it using the tar command

tar vxzf rarlinux-x64-612.tar.gz

Access the generated folder:

cd rar

And move the binary to a folder inside the PATH

sudo cp -v rar unrar /usr/local/bin/

And that’s it, you can use it after you restart the session.

unrar -V
2.- UNRAR on CentOS 9 Stream
2.- UNRAR working


In this post, you learned how to get the latest stable version of UNRAR, so you can handle RAR files.

Thanks for reading.


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