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How to Setup Snapt Aria on Hyper-V

This post is about How to Setup Snapt Aria on Hyper-V


Software application delivery controller, for all your load balancing, web application acceleration, and application firewall needs. Improve your uptime and security for your team, whether you are a DevOps Engineer, I.T Operation Engineer, or website maintainer.

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The Snapt Aria Hyper-V image is available on its official website

Step 1: Download the Snapt Aria image from the official site.


I am using Hyper-V, download according to your infrastructure.

Step 2: Extract the Image

Open Hyper-V manager

  • Specify Name and Location
  • Name
  • Store virtual machine in different location

Assign Memory

Assign Virtual Switch

Connect Virtual Harddisk

select the “use an existing virtual hard disk” option and browse for the already downloaded and extracted vhdx.


on the console type the following command

$ getipaddress

open your browser

http://your server IP:8080
Setup Snapt Aria
Setup Snapt Aria


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