How to install PrestaShop on Ubuntu/Debian

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PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution which allows you to create a beautiful online shop easily. It provides an efficient solution and let users create an e-commerce platform to sell their inventory or products. It provides many solution like inventory management, shipping tracking, support for multiple payment gateways, ,auto invoicing etc.
If anyone is looking to start up their online digital marketplace, PrestaShop can be great for start-up as it does not take much resource and is easy to setup, Let’s start up with the tutorial


  • RAM : 1GB or more (depends upon the usage)
  • PHP : 7.1 or greater
  • Fresh VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 or greater or Debian 9 or 10

Step 1 : Updating your VPS

First step will be to update our VPS to install any latest packages or security updates or releases. Run the following command to update your VPS

apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y

Step 2 : Installing MariaDB

PrestaShop uses MySQL or MariaDB to store its content. We will need to install a database server on our VPS to do that run the following commands

apt-get install mariadb-server mariadb-client

To install MySQL/MariaDB fully run the following command


You will see a prompt like this follow it as shown:

Set root password? [Y/n] Y
Remove anonymous users? [Y/n] Y
Disallow root login remotely? [Y/n] n
Remove test database and access to it? [Y/n] Y
Reload privilege tables now? [Y/n] Y

Run the following command to create a database for PrestaShop

mysql -u root -p

CREATE USER ‘prestauser’@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘prestapassword’;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON prestashop.* TO ‘prestauser’@localhost;

Step 3 : Installing PHP & Apache2 Web Server

PrestaShop requires a LAMP stack to be installed on the server which means we need to install PHP and Apache2 on our server to do that click this link

Step 4 : Installing PrestaShop

We have installed the main required packages for PrestaShop, Now we can continue on to install PrestaShop files on our server and continue with the installation

apt-get install unzip

cd /tmp

Unzip the downloaded files


There will be another zip inside the zip file, Extract it using unzip and directly to the html directory

unzip -d /var/www/html/prestashop/

Set the following persmissions

chown -R www-data: /var/www/html/prestashop/

And, Restart Apache2

systemctl restart apache2

Step 5 : Configuring PrestaShop using WebInstaller

Access your server using http://yourip/prestashop

— First, You will see a screen like this, Click Next

— Then, You will see a screen like this if you have followed the tutorial correctly

— Third, Set the details according to your needs!

— Then, You will be prompted to enter your Database details, Use the following details as shown if you have followed the tutorial word by word and click test connection

It will then Install the PrestaShop Completely, This step might take a few minutes to complete!

You can access your shop now!


You have successfully installed PrestaShop on your Fresh Ubuntu/Debian Server. This is a tutorial of installing first a LAMP Stack and configuring PrestaShop directly!

Everything Linux, A.I, IT News, DataOps, Open Source and more delivered right to you.
"The best Linux newsletter on the web"
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