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How to install Glances on CentOS 9 Stream — System Monitor written in Python

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install Glances on CentOS 9 Stream.

What is Glances?

According to the tool’s website:

Glances is a cross-platform system monitoring tool written in Python.

Thanks to it, you can quickly monitor a Linux server. All from a neat interface in the terminal that does not consume many resources.

As it is written in Python, we can install it on almost any system without too much trouble.

What can I do with Glances? Well, with Glances you can monitor

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Load
  • Process list
  • Network interface
  • Disk I/O
  • IRQ / Raid
  • Sensors
  • Filesystem (and folders)
  • Docker

And much more.

Also with Glances you can export all system statistics to CSV, InfluxDB, Cassandra, OpenTSDB, StatsD and more.

Let’s get started.

Install Glances on CentOS 9 Stream

Glances can be installed using the Python package manager called PIP. This will make the process simple.

How to install PIP on CentOS 9 Stream

Once PIP is installed on the system, you can continue with the installation of Glances.

In this case, you just have to run the following command

sudo -H pip3 install glances

Remember to open port 61208 in the firewall.

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=61208/tcp --permanent
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Thereafter, you can run it.

Glances on CentOS 9 Stream
Glances on CentOS 9 Stream

In addition to this, you can enable the web interface:

glances -w

So, You just need to access Glances from a web browser.


So, Glances is a utility that many sysadmins have on hand because it is easy to use and because it has a lot of information possibilities. In addition to this, the installation process is so simple that it can be summed up in just a few steps.


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