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How to install Checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9. Let’s go.


According to the tool’s website:

Checkmk is a leading tool for Infrastructure and Application Monitoring. Simple configuration, scalable, flexible. Open Source and Enterprise.

Thus, it is oriented to servers and professional environments ready for monitoring.

Checkmk provides powerful monitoring of networks, servers, clouds, containers, and applications. So, you won’t miss a thing.

The tool has two versions, a free and completely open-source version called raw and an enterprise version intended for even gigantic projects, but you have to pay for it.

In this post, you will learn how to install the raw version, which is sufficient for many cases.

Installing Checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9

Linux’s support is guaranteed by Checkmk so installing it on Rocky Linux 9 should not be a problem.

Note: It is assumed that you have already configured your server correctly with a Domain name and hostname.

Step 1: Enable the repositories for installation

Checkmk requires some packages that are not present, so you have to enable some repositories such as EPEL and CRB.

To achieve this, first update the system completely

sudo dnf update

Then, enable the crb repository with this command

sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb

And the EPEL repository by installing a package with DNF.

sudo dnf install 9.noarch.rpm

Now with EPEL and CRB enabled, we can continue.

Step 2: Install Checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9

Checkmk developers share an RPM package fully compatible with our distribution. So first download it.

wget raw-2.1.0p25-el9-38.x86_64.rpm
Download Checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9
Download Checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9

And then install it as follows:

sudo dnf install check-mk-raw-2.1.0p25-el9-38.x86_64.rpm

Now you can check the installed version

omd version

Sample output:

OMD - Open Monitoring Distribution Version 2.1.0p25.cre

Step 3: Prepare Checkmk for first use

Now that it is installed, the next step is to create a new instance.

omd create monitor

This way you will get a screen output like this

Adding /opt/omd/sites/monitor/tmp to /etc/fstab.
Creating temporary filesystem /omd/sites/monitor/tmp...OK
Updating core configuration...
Generating configuration for core (type nagios)...
Precompiling host checks...OK
Executing post-create script ""...OK
Restarting Apache...OK
Created new site monitor with version 2.1.0p25.cre.

  The site can be started with omd start monitor.
  The default web UI is available at http://unixcop/monitor/

  The admin user for the web applications is cmkadmin with password: JQ0IFAu2
  For command line administration of the site, log in with 'omd su monitor'.
  After logging in, you can change the password for cmkadmin with 'cmk-passwd cmkadmin'.

In the same output screen, you will have the username and password to access the instance.

Now, you have to start that instance as follows

omd start monitor

Now you will be able to log in.

Step 4: Accessing Checkmk on Rocky Linux 9 / Alma Linux 9

Open a web browser, and you can access http://your-server/monitor to see the results.

First the login screen

Checkmk login screen
Checkmk login screen

And then the dashboard.

Checkmk dashboard
Checkmk dashboard


Checkmk is a tool that has become more and more well known, and that is because of its good work.


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