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How can Linux compete with Windows for gamers’ attention? This can be a difficult question to answer. Why don’t we look at each option one by one and see which one is the most suitable? Wisely speaking, Linux is or was a first choice for Gamers. But The OS is not so bad though for the players. Depending on the choice available for Linux distro, it could be the trend breaker.

Accepting the fact that limited options are available here, but still Linux cannot be neglected for Gaming niece.  In this article, I tried to list top 6 Linux distributions that can be a good choice. I am offering this suggestion based on my own personal experiences, and audience opinion may differ. Let’s get started.

1. The Fedora Games Spins

The Fedora has provided a dedicated OS for Gamers where all legacy games from the OS are provided at a single place. The Games Like

  • BZFlasg -A free online TANK 3D battle game with multi players.
  • Extreme Tux Racer- High speed arctic racing game.
  • Wesnoth- A tactic strategy-based game.
  • WARZONE 2100 – A battle fight, where you control nuclear missiles.

All of the above-mentioned games are already available with multiple Linux Distro. But, Fedora have tuned up a dedicated Gaming OS with batter graphics experience for the it.

2. Lakka

The is another Linux based gaming console. A very lightweight derivative that can transform any raspberry into full fledge gaming retro gaming console. Key features of Lakka might be considered as follows:

  • Free an open source, 100% community based.
  • User Friendly- Even can be installed on an SD Card, USB Flash drive.
  • Highly stable and powerful- Built on RetroArch. The Lakka is able to emulate multiple retro games.

3. Ubuntu

Yes, one and only the Ubuntu! How can someone would not like it. Steam work flawless with the OS. All GPU are supported perfectly with Ubuntu. UALinux provide the Game Pack for Ubuntu claiming to support more then 22K games. Along with Steam Lutris, ScummVM and Game Jolt are available here. Because of the user-friendly UI of Ubuntu, of course the OS comes under the top lost of Gaming OS. The Ubuntu Game Pack can be downloaded from this link.

4. Drauger OS

A Linux distro that can beat MS Windows in all aspects. Based upon xanmod kernel, you could have the best graphics experience. The latest version of Drauger OS is 7.5.1 is way stable and high performer in comparison to its previous kernel i.e., liquorix.  

Key features:

  • Highly focused on security, that too without compromising the performance.
  • Aggressive support- You can expect support at personal level. A dedicated team of contributes are available.
  •  Free and Open Source – The world class along with the support is 100% free to use, which is really a rare thing.

5. Manjaro Gaming Edition

All gamers would love any such Gaming OS which is free, stable and can be updated without disturbing existing settings. Manjaro Gaming edition is here for you. Manjaro  come with pre-installed steam, where you can play games without even installing them.  It supports almost all GPU  drivers and can detect any hardware like gamepad, without making you wait with the help of Manjaro hardware detection tool.

Other supportive utilities like Teamspeak 3, mumble and skype are available as free installed.  Time to time updates, user friendly GUI, stable environment and community supports can for sure make Manjaro the first choice for gamers for sure.

6. Mint Linux

How we can ignore Mint Linux. A beautiful Linux which is Debian based and quality all of the requirements that might be expected from any Debian Based Linux. Good hardware support, stable environment and speedy performance among the few features of Mint Linux. Steam available, support all famous GUI drivers. Even with older hardware, the os will perform good for at least console based games. If installed on some good configuration, Mint can beat any top notch Gaming OS Derivatives.

Key features of Mint as gaming OS can be listed as follows:

  • 0 AD, Team Fortress 2 and Data 2 are among the few Linux Games which are available with Mint as free.
  • Comes with multiple GUI like XFCE, GNOME and KDE, you can opt based on your preference and choices.


Here we have discussed top 6 Gaming OS (but not limited to) which can be opted as preference. A good GPU based configuration along with SSD storage and decent RAM is always recommended to get the batter performance. Steam is equally supported for all of the above discussed Linux Distro. You can move with your choice. Stay tuned till the next article, have a great day ahead. Stay Tuned!!

Everything Linux, A.I, IT News, DataOps, Open Source and more delivered right to you.
"The best Linux newsletter on the web"


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