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WAZUH The Open Source Security Platform

With all-in-one deployment, you install and configure the Wazuh server and Elastic Stack on the same host. The following components are installed: The Wazuh server, including...

Network Security Rocky Linux/Centos/RHEL 8

Introduction Hardening network security devices minimize the risk of unauthorized access into a network’s infrastructure. Vulnerabilities in device management and configurations exploit weaknesses for a...

How to Install CSF (Config Server Firewall) on CentOS 8

Introduction CSF is a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, Login/Intrusion Detection and Security application for Linux servers. t consists of the firewall itself (CSF) which is...

Secure Your Apache Web Server Best Practice

Introduction Apache is the most popular web server used on the internet. And it is ideal for most situations and allows flexibility for shared environments. In...

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