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Sajid Ali
Linux & Windows Server Administrator | Cloud Architect: I possess 10 years of professional experience with administration of different hosting provider’s Linux and Windows based servers on a large production level.

Linux/UNIX Command Line Mistakes

Hi, this post is about Linux/UNIX Command Line Mistakes. Welcome.

userdel Command

This command will deletes a user account and related files.

$ sudo userdel sajid

The above command deletes “foo” named user and related information on Linux Machine. So make sure and think twice while deleting user information.

Rebooted Solaris Box

In Linux, killall command kill the processes named killall <process id>. In Solaris, it kills all active processes. The command should be like this –

$ killall process-name

Destroyed named.conf

To append a new zone to /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf file., but end up running –

$cd /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf

Deleted Apache Document Root

Sometime user forgot about symlink issue. To save disk space, they execute  rm -rf on http directory to gain system space. But when you delete symlinks, it will give symlinks error.

Accidentally Changed Host name and Triggered False Alarm

When system admins accidentally changes the current host name for one of their cluster node. Within minutes, you can get an alert message on both mobile and email.


Public Network Interface Shutdown

I wanted to shutdown VPN interface eth0, but ended up shutting down eth1 while I was logged in via SSH:

$ ifconfig eth1 down

Typo Mistakes

Most of the typo mistakes are corrected by vim text editor automatically. So, we strongly recommend the use of Vim text editor.

Firewall Lockdown

I made changes to sshd_config and changed the ssh port number from 22 to 1022, but failed to update firewall rules. After a quick kernel upgrade, I had rebooted the box. I had to call remote data center tech to reset firewall settings.

So enjoy this command line post.


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