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How to kill all Python processes on Linux

Hello, friends. In this short but useful post, I will show you how to kill all Python processes on Linux. This is ideal if you are a developer, and you are testing Python or its libraries.

Is it necessary to do it?

The reality is that it depends on what you want it for. Usually developers who use many libraries and programs, it is convenient in certain occasions to examine memory or memory consumption.

Another aspect to consider is that it is not always easy to list all the processes that a program or a programming language is running on the system. So, the best solution, in some cases, is to kill all processes.

So, how to do it? Well, there are several ways on Linux and all easy. Let’s start.

Kill all Python processes on Linux

To accomplish the goal, we can use two commands themselves. The result is the same, so it’s up to you.

Using the pkill command

pkill is a command-line utility originally written for use with the Solaris 7 operating system, but is available for all of Linux.

Thanks to this command, send signals and kill processes. In the case of Python, you can kill them with this command.

sudo pkill python
Kill all python processes
Kill all python processes

The above command will prompt you for the root password, and entering it will kill the Python processes. You can add the -e option to see what they were.

sudo pkill -e python

As you can see, it is easy.

Using the killall command

Similar to pkill we have the killall command which is also used to kill processes on Linux.

In this case, you can achieve the goal with the following command:

sudo killall python

The command will then track down all processes associated with Python and kill them. You will also have to use your sudo user password for it to work.


This was a short post, but it can help you to kill processes quickly. You can even use it in scripts and so on.


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