Install Zopier Soft-Phone

Zopier is a soft-phone that is free to use for non-commercial uses.


Begin by navigating to Zopiers download page and downloading the relevant installer for your system. In this article, we will be installing the soft-phone onto a Windows machine (Linux, Mac, Android, and IOS are also supported). If you need a VOIP server to connect to, I recommend following the article I write on installing Asterisk VOIP Server. Find said article here.

After the installers downloaded, open it and click yes (to authorize use), and wait for the install wizard to appear.

Once it has appeared, run through the installer with the following steps;

  • Click next
  • Accept the agreement
  • Select the components (optional)
  • Select the install location (default is fine)
  • Set start menu (default is ok)
  • Set the installer scope (all users is fine if you have the correct authorization)

It should now say “the setup is now ready to begin installing Zopier5 on your computer”, if so then continue with the next button. It will now install the soft-phone onto your system.


Launch Zopier5 after the wizard has finished the installation. An activation window will appear. If you are using this product for non-commercial use, click “continue as a free-user”. You will now be presented with a login page, login with your VOIP account. As I have setup an Asterisk server, my VOIP server is local so my username will be “[email protected]”. Feel free to sign-up to a cloud VOIP provider, they will provide you with a username and password after you’ve signed up.

Once logged in, you will be presented with the audio-video setup – this is to confirm your devices are working.

You’ll be brought to Zopiers interface if your final wizard was successful.

Congratulations, you’ve setup your soft-phone

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