Install aaPanel with Ubuntu 21.04

Today, in this article we will learn how to install aaPanel with Ubuntu 21.04. aaPanel is an alternative to a web control panel like cPanel. Even the free version of this panel can fulfill basic needs. Provided with quick updates, rich documentation is provided. Today, in this article we will learn how to install aaPanel with Ubuntu 21.04.

Key Features of aaPanel.

As per official documentation provided by aaPanel following are the key features.

  • More then 3 million servers are running with this hosting.
  • Suppored for both LAMP/LNMP.
  • Quicky deplyoable web environment.
  • GUI bases resource monitoring provided in the form of dashboard.
  • Multiple security fetures are provided as free plugin like anti spamming gateways, login reminder etc.
  • Provided with online editor for quick deployment of web services.
  • Quick third party plugins can be installed with a single click like G Drive, S3 Storage, FTP storage.
  • Createable ang manageable projects like python and docker are easy to deploy with aaPanel.


As prerequisites, we require a fresh Linux OS. In our case, the os will be Ubuntu 21.04. After os finalized, get your domain finalized too. Else go with IP address only for internal use. In my example case, IP address will be

Install package.

$ wget -O && sudo bash aapanel

After installalation

After installation is complete, save the user id and password. Now, open the browser to access the panel.

Following is the URL that we gonna use.

Login with assigned user id and password.

A dashboard something like below will appear.

Prefer your server type and install to process for the next step. I have opted for LAMP.

The package install may take time depending upon your internet speed.

After installation you can see the status of resources.

aaPanel is alleged now, it’s good to go with services. Plenty of free and paid resources are available to install. Users can go as per their requirements, have a look.

Here, we have an up and running aaPanel. Stay tuned, let’s connect in the next article.


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