How to upgrade openSUSE Leap from 15.1 or 15.2 to 15.3

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to upgrade from lower openSUSE like 15.0 or 15.0 to 15.3.

In my case, I’m using openSUSE LEAP 15.1, before starting the upgrade, we strongly advise backing your actual Data in case you are using this release in production environments.

Step 1 : Refresh The repositories

So First thing I have to do is to refresh my actual repositories with this command

 sudo zypper ref

Step 2: Updates the Actual packages

you can updates with command zypper up

unixcop-opensuse:~ # sudo zypper  up

Step 3 : Reboot your machine and check your system info

sudo reboot
sudo  hostnamectl 

Enabling Update repository:
Run the following command to check if the update repository already exists and is enabled.

zypper repos --uri | grep -i update

If the ‘Enabled’ column says ‘No’, enable it by issuing the below command:

$ zypper modifyrepo –enable repo-update

Updating the repositories:

Check if your Leap repos defined in ‘/etc/zypp/repos.d/’ are using the ‘$releasever’ variable already using the following command.

$ cat /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo

In most cases, it should already have the ‘$releasever’ variable. They are still hard-coded with a particular Leap version number, then run the following command to modify them.

$ sudo sed -i 's/15.1/${releasever}/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo

To refresh the openSUSE Leap 15.3 repositories, run:

$ sudo zypper --releasever=15.3 refresh

It’s time to upgrade

zypper --releasever=15.3 dup  --force-resolution 

The –force-resolution is important to avoid answering on this question

So This action will take some time to Download and upgrade all packages

When this action successfully completed that you have to reboot your server.


Check your system Now


zypper ls -r


Everything Linux, A.I, IT News, DataOps, Open Source and more delivered right to you.
"The best Linux newsletter on the web"
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  1. Hi Mel,

    I used your info to upgrade to 153 (from 15.2). It all went well but after the upgrade it syas Leap 15.3 (hotnamectl) but it still shows 15.2
    repositories (with zypper ls -r). Should i be worried or is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hello, thanks for this information. I tried to upgrade, did what is needed with repos and upgraded from 15.1 to 15.2 in init 3 mode with commands: zypper –releasever=15.3 dup –allow-vendor-change –download in advance, but I have free space problem, It was about 38 Gb free before upgrade, after upgrade I had about 24-25 Gb less free space. I use btrfs, I checked the summ of all files, I checked snapshots sizes, there was not any file or folder with such size, only free space was less. I tried then to upgrade to 15.3 and upgrade failed, at end I had no free space for installing last some hundred packages. I want upgrade and save my all settings, I choose online upgrade, while I am not sure if I will keep my settings with DVD upgrade. Is Opensuse really designed for upgrade without problems???? Need I every time add +25 or +30 Gb space to root partition after upgrading to next version? What you think, what can be the reason, what to do? And I answered many annoying questions during the install. I dream about 1 klick upgrade with 0 problems and risks, but become stress each spring with new versions. I want restore 15.2 from snapshot and try again, but I not know how solve free space problems? Have you any idea?


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