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How to taint a node in kubernetes cluster to avoid pods scheduling on that node

Tainting a node means you don’t want any pods to be scheduled on that node by kube-scheduler. For tainting a particular node, we have to label that node first using below command

$ kubectl label nodes kube-node01 my-taint2=test2

Once node is labeled, we are ready to taint that node using below command

$ kubectl taint nodes kube-node01 my-taint2=test2:NoSchedule

To check taint status of a node, run below command and search taint field.

$ kubectl describe nodes kube-node01 

Taints filed should have status NoSchedule as shown below

Taints:             my-taint2=test2:NoSchedule

Now kube-node01 is tainted which means kube-scheduler will not schedule any pod on this node, usually this is done to avoid putting unwanted load on a single control plane master node.


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