How To Install Joplin on Ubuntu 20.04

So in this guide, we will show you how to install Joplin on Ubuntu 20.04

Joplin is a free and open-source desktop and mobile note-taking application written for Unix-like (including macOS and Linux) and Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as iOS, Android, and Linux/Windows terminals, written in JavaScript using Electron.

Its interface is intuitive that allows users to create notes and to-do lists with just a few clicks and organize them in different notebooks.

Joplin’s workflow and featureset is most often compared to Evernote.

Install Joplin

  • Update your system packages by running the command below:
sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install dirmngr apt-transport-https -y

(1)-Install Joplin via its official script:

  • Joplin is not available on Ubuntu 20.04 base repository. So we will download the Joplin script installer on Ubuntu system with:
wget -O - | bash
Install Joplin on Ubuntu 20.04
Install Joplin on Ubuntu 20.04
  • It make take some minutes till finishes

(2)-Installing Joplin using Snap package manager:

Snap is a software packaging and deployment system developed by Canonical for operating systems that use the Linux kernel. The packages, called snaps, and the tool for using them, snapd, work across a range of Linux distributions and allow upstream software developers to distribute their applications directly to users.

  •  Install snapd manager by running the following command:
sudo apt install snapd
  • Install Joplin via snap package manager
sudo snap install joplin-james-carroll

Accessing Joplin

Once successfully installed, Select the Joplin app and run it through selecting : Activities >> Show Applications >> Joplin.

Joplin on Ubuntu 20.04

You have successfully installed Joplin, Enjoy it.


That’s it

In this tutorial, we illustrated how to install this app on Ubuntu systems via two methods.


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