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How To Install Alacritty on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

In this guide, we will show you how to install Alacritty in Ubuntu systems.

Alacritty is a free and open-sourceGPU-accelerated terminal emulator focused on performance and simplicity. Consequently, it does not support tabs or splits and is configured by editing a text file. It is written in Rust and uses OpenGL (for performance). A similar terminal emulator that uses OpenGL is Kitty.

Alacritty is a simple, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator written in Rust. It supports scrollback, 24-bit colors (w:Color depth#True color (24-bit), copy/paste, clicking on URLs, and custom key bindings.

Install Alacritty on Ubuntu-APT method

Follow the steps below to get started with Alacritty :

  • Update your Ubuntu system packages with running the below command:
sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y
  • Alacritty package is not available on Ubuntu base repository. So You can install it via importing PPA repo as follows:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aslatter/ppa -y
  • Run the command below to reflect on PPA
sudo apt update -y
  • Then install Alacritty as shown below:
sudo apt install alacritty -y

Access Alacritty

  • You can search on the system search bar by typing Alacritty as follows
  • Alacritty will be launched as shown below

How to Remove (Uninstall) Alacritty on Ubuntu

  • Remove Alacritty APT Method
sudo apt autoremove alacritty --purge -y

Install Alacritty -Conclusion

That’s it



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