How To Find All Installed Fonts In Linux


There is a quick way to find all installed fonts in your Linux.

In this article we will use the fc-list command to list all fonts and styles on your Linux system.

List all fonts

  • To list all installed fonts on your Linux system, run the command below
  • To list if a particular font, For example,we want to know if the Noto Sans font is installed or not, So run the following command:
fc-list | grep "Noto Sans"
  • List all truetype fonts in your system using find command.
sudo find / -type f -name "*.ttf"
  • List all installed font for a specific language, for example list fonts for Arabic language by running:
fc-list :lang=ar

You have to mention the correct language code 

  • Also to list installed Arabic fonts, just run the command below:
fc-list -f '%{file}\n' :lang=ar
  • For more information on fc-list command, go to the man page:
man fc-list


That’s it

So in this article, we illustrated how to find all installed fonts in linux in addition to how to list installed fonts for a particular language.

Thank you…

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