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How to create Users in Kolab

Today you will learn How to create Users in Kolab

Kolab is an open-source Email server I have configured in my previous tutorial. In this tutorial, we will configure further steps of creating users and the configuration of the email clients.

login to Kolab Webadmin portal

http://your kolab server /kolab-webadmin

create Users in Kolab
create Users in Kolab

Click on the Users button

create Users in Kolab

provide user information

light-blue fields are mandatory,
white fields are optional,
gray fields are disabled for custom entry

provide the contact information

create Users in Kolab

setup your password

Click on the submit button to create a user

Login using browser

I have created two more email account to check the email

user1: unixcop.user@mail.server.com

user2: fazal.user@mail.server.com

Login User1:

http://your server ip/roundcubemail/

Compose an email from this user to user2.

Login user 2 to check the email sent by user 1

Email received from user1

create Users in Kolab



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