How to Create ASCII Text Banners in Terminal


We will show how to create ASCII text banners from plain text, command-line utility called FIGlet

FIGlet is a simple command-line utility for creating ASCII text banners or large letters out of ordinary text.

Install figlet

sudo apt install figlet     #Debian/Ubuntu
sudo yum install figlet     #CentOS/RHEL
sudo dnf install figlet     #Fedora 22+

Using figlet

  • You can use the command plus the text that you want to transform as a banner or large text as shown below
  • Use the -c flag to create the Banner at the center
figlet -c UNIXCOP.COM

Also use -l to set the output to the left or -r to print it to the right.

  • Control the output width with the -w switch, the default width is 80 columns.
figlet -w Hi UNIXCOP Visitors
  • Use the full width of your terminal with the -t 
figlet -t Hi UNIXCOP Visitors
  • Use the -k flag to add a little space between the printed characters
figlet -t -k Hi UNIXCOP Visitors
  • Also you can read text from a file using the -p option
figlet -kp < file.txt
  • You can specify another font, using the -f flag, fonts are stored in /usr/share/figlet.
ls -al /usr/share/figlet

For example I used font shadow.tlf and slant.tlf as shown below

figlet -f shadow UNIXCOP
figlet -f slant UNIXCOP


That’s it

We showed you how to install and use figlet to Create ASCII Text Banners in Terminal.


unixcop Admin


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