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How to Clone a Git Repository Into a Specific Folder


If you simply issue a git clone command, the git cloning process will create a new directory for the repository.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to clone a git repository into a specific folder.

Clone a Git Repository Into a Specific Folder

General-purpose of git cloning is to create a local copy of the remote repository. However, cloning without specifying the exact directory will create a new one.

This may lead to a lot of clutter residing on your server.

That is why specifying the directory to which you want to clone is an important thing.

Syntax of git clone

git clone [repo URL that want to clone] [/the/path/I/want/to/use]

For Example

We can do that in three options:

Option A:

git clone  /home/unixcop/project

The command that is shown in the example above will clone whatever.git repository into a project directory that resides within the unixcop user.

For right here use:

git clone

Option B:

Move the .git folder, too.

mv /where/it/is/right/now/* /where/I/want/it/
mv /where/it/is/right/now/.* /where/I/want/it/
  • The first line grabs all normal files.
  • The second line grabs dot-files.

Option C:

Keep your working copy somewhere else, and create a symbolic link.

ln -sfn /where/it/is/right/now /the/path/I/want/to/use

Without moving files around.

  •  -fn in case someone is copying these lines (-f is force, -n avoid some often unwanted interactions with already and non-existing links).


You learned how to clone a git repository into a new directory.

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