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How to rename a GIT branch

Hello, friends. This post is quite short, but it can help more than one novice programmer. Today, you will learn how to rename a GIT branch. Let’s go for it.

When we as programmers work with GIT, there can always be an innocent mistake when creating development branches. Who did I pass it on to? Fortunately, it’s a mistake that has a simple fix.

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In this post, you will learn how to do it both remotely and locally so that you can fix it in any environment.

Renaming a GIT branch

Suppose you created a branch in GIT. Most likely you ran something like this.

git checkout -b [name]

But for some reason, you have to modify the branch name. Well, it’s easy. Let’s look at both cases, whether it’s local or remote.

Renaming a GIT branch (Local)

To rename a GIT branch locally, you need to run the checkout command like this

git checkout -m [new-name]

The above command will work only if you are located in the branch to rename. Otherwise, you will have to run something like this

git branch -m [old-name] [new-name]

This way, you will be able to rename the development branch locally. As you can see, it’s nothing complex.

Renaming a GIT branch remotely

If you have already pushed from the repository to the already created branch, and it is in origin you will have to do a push to reflect the changes in the repository

git push origin -u [new-name]

And now you can delete the old one because the other one has already been uploaded.

git push origin --delete [old-name-branch]

This way you can make the change and, as you can see, it is simple.


GIT is a basic tool for programmers and although it is easy to use, we can always find a trick or two in its use.


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