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How to install NodeJS on CentOS 9 Stream

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Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install NodeJS on CentOS 9 Stream.

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment (hence its .js ending, alluding to the JavaScript language). This real-time runtime environment includes everything you need to run a program written in JavaScript.

Thanks to NodeJS, good functional applications have been created thanks to JavaScript. In addition, this interpreter allows us to somehow execute JavaScript on the server. Yes, as you read it.

For many it is the most used software platform currently being above in execution environments, even above PHP and others.

All thanks to the speed, synchrony, events and for being multi-platform.

Install NodeJS on CentOS 9 Stream

Fortunately, NodeJS is present in the official CentOS 9 Stream repositories. Before you start, update the entire distribution.

sudo dnf update

Then, proceed to install NodeJS with the command

sudo dnf install nodejs
1.- Install NodeJS on CentOS 9 Stream
1.- Install NodeJS on CentOS 9 Stream

Thereafter, you can check the installed version with the following command

node --version

Now you will be able to use it without too many problems.

Remove NodeJS on CentOS 9 Stream

If you would rather not use NodeJS anymore, you can remove it with this command

sudo dnf remove nodejs

This will save you some space.


NodeJS has been a revolution on the web and now that you know how to install it you can try to use it in your projects or learn with it. Thank you.

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