How Wickr is Best Secure Video Calling utility?

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Today we will see how Wickr is the best secure video calling solution? After the covid situation all individuals, educationists, and enterprises moved to digital communication platforms. But, keeping your secure communication secure is another challenge nowadays. Of course, there are a few popular stultifies already leading the market. Yet, things keep dubious when it comes to keeping your information security intact. There are very few such platforms that guarantee your end-to-end communication security and Wickr can be one of them.

Why you should be concerned about your data privacy?

Based upon day-to-day requirements, information sharing keeps going on. Of course, sometimes users may ask a question that whether it’s safe to share data all the time? The answer is, no it’s not!! Always there will be a risk of a security breach. A very few companies run on security compliances. Wickr comes with military-grade encryption and security. So can be trusted without hassle. Most of the security experts recommend using Wickr.

Key features of Wickr

Though lots of security features are there. So, let’s have a look at a few!

End-to-end encryption.

Provided with 265-bit authentication end-to-end encryption system. Wickr ensures protection for the user as local and while transferring data too.

Zero trust platform

Here, in Wickr data is decipherable during transactions. Even after a breach, data cannot be leaked.

Secrecy and security

In short, for every call and file share, new encryption occurs. breach for such communication is next to impossible.


Easy to use and deploy utility. Easy 1:1 and group communication. The application can be deployed as SaaS or On-Premise.

Ongoing research and value addition

The platform providers have intensive research and development to ensure security. With collaboration with multiple specialists and industries, application performance and security getting better.


So, Let’s have a quick look at the installation of wickr.

We will consider Ubuntu 21.04 for demo here.

Update your os.

# apt update

Then, enable snap package installer for Ubuntu first.

# apt-get install snapd

Install wickr package with snap

# apt install wickrme

Launch application

# wickrme

Application is launched, you can create an account and use it.

So, We just have gone through about specifications and installtion methods required to install Wickr. Considering the type of utility, a free/paid application could opt.

Everything Linux, A.I, IT News, DataOps, Open Source and more delivered right to you.
"The best Linux newsletter on the web"


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