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How to set up the Pretty Hostname


A pretty hostname avoids most of the limitations of other hostname types, giving users more freedom when naming their systems.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up a pretty hostname for a Linux system in two different methods.

Types of hostnames

  • Static hostname: The standard hostname.
  • Transient hostname: A dynamic hostname set by the system kernel. It is the same as the static hostname, but DHCP and mDNS servers can change it.
  • Pretty hostname: A free-form hostname to describe the system to other users within the network.

NOTE: Pretty hostnames can use any valid UTF8 symbol. on another hand, Static hostnames follow the same restrictions as Internet domain names. They have a maximum length of 64 characters and allow the use of letters, hyphens , underscores, and periods.

Set Up a Pretty Hostname

Using the hostnamectl command

  • Use the hostnamectl Linux command to set up a pretty hostname with the command below:
hostnamectl set-hostname  [name] --pretty

For Example:

hostnamectl set-hostname "Unixcop Test " --pretty
  • Now, Check your new hostname by using the hostnamectl

Manually with editing the /etc/machine-info config file

Linux savess pretty hostnames in the /etc/machine-info config file.

NOTE: The /etc/machine-info file also contains system information, such as icon names, chassis types, deployment environment, and system location.

NOTE: Note that /etc/machine-info generates once you change one of the settings it stores. If there haven’t been any changes to these settings, this file will be absent from your system.

  • Create the file if it is absent
touch /etc/machine-info
  • Open the file with a text editor.
  • Add the pretty hostname as shown below.
  • Save and quit
  • Use the hostnamectl command to verify the new pretty hostname


In this tutorial, We have illustrated how to set up a pretty hostname on your Linux system.



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