How To Install VestaCP on Ubuntu/ Debian and RHEL/Centos

VestaCP is an open-source hosting control panel. It is really so simple to install and configure Vesta Control Panel on Centos 7/ Ubuntu/Debian system. in this tutorial we will cover the complete installation process of VestaCP. note that VestaCP only supports the following OS:

  • RHEL/ Centos 5,6,7
  • Ubuntu 12.04-18.10 LTS
  • Debian 7/8/9

Prepare the system:

To install VestaCP, we need a clean system. We will use clean ubuntu 18.04 LTS os for this tutorial. Let’s start the process by login into the system as a root user and ensuring that our system is updated with the required software. For that, we need to run the following commands.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
apt-get install curl -y
yum -y update
yum -y install curl

Download VestaCP

Download VestaCP by running the following command. Note that this script will works for all supported os by VestaCP.

curl -O

Install VestaCP

After completing the download, make the VestaCP script executable(if you are a non-root user) and execute the command by running the following commands accordingly. You will be asked to enter your admin e-mail and hostname while running the installer, write them on the terminal screen, and wait until the installation process is complete.

sudo chmod +x

Login to VestaCP

Now login to the VestaCP Panel by your IP_ADDRESS or Hostname.


In this tutorial, I had guided you through all the steps to install VestaCP in your ubuntu system. You can also follow my other articles

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