How To Install RawTherapee on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

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In this guide, we will show you how to install RawTherapee on Ubuntu Systems.

RawTherapee is application software for processing photographs in raw image formats, as created by many digital cameras. It comprises a subset of image editing operations specifically aimed at non-destructive post-production of raw photos and is primarily focused on improving a photographer’s workflow by facilitating the handling of large numbers of images. Also, it is notable for the advanced control it gives the user over the demosaicing and developing process. It is cross-platform, with versions for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

So, RawTherapee was originally written by Gábor Horváth of Budapest, Hungary, and was re-licensed as free and open-source software under the GNU General Public License Version 3 in January 2010. It is written in C++, using a GTK+ front-end and a patched version of dcraw for reading raw files. The name “Therapee” was originally an acronym derived from “The Experimental Raw Photo Editor”.

Install RawTherapee on Ubuntu-APT method

Follow the steps below to get started with RawTherapee :

  • Update your Ubuntu system packages with running the below command:
sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y
  • RawTherapee is available on Ubuntu 22.04 base repository, so install RawTherapee as shown below:
sudo apt install rawtherapee-data -y

Install RawTherapee-Flatpak method

NOTE: Also you can install RawTherapee with Flatpak

Flatpak, formerly known as xdg-app, is a utility for software deployment and package management for Linux. It is advertised as offering a sandbox environment in which users can run application software in isolation from the rest of the system.

  • So install the Flatpak manager with running the following command:
sudo apt install flatpak -y
  • Enable Flatpak using the following command
sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
  • Install RawTherapee using the following flatpak command.
flatpak install flathub com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee

Access RawTherapee

  • You can search on the system search bar by typing RawTherapee as follows
  • Alternatively, Flatpak users will need to launch using the command below:
flatpak run com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee
  • RawTherapee will be launched as shown below

How to Remove (Uninstall) RawTherapee

  • Remove RawTherapee APT Method
sudo apt autoremove rawtherapee-data --purge -y
  • Remove RawTherapee with Flatpak Remove Method:
flatpak uninstall --delete-data com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee
flatpak remove --unused

Install RawTherapee -Conclusion

That’s it


Everything Linux, A.I, IT News, DataOps, Open Source and more delivered right to you.
"The best Linux newsletter on the web"
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