How to install Pentaho CE on Centos 8

Pentaho is a business intelligence software that provides data integration, OLAP services, reporting, information dashboards, data mining and extract, transform, load capabilities. Next I’ll show how to install Pentaho CE (Community Edition) on Centos 8.

You can get an installation guide for Pentaho CE on Ubuntu here: . Notice this guide is not for the server, and also a registration is needed.


You can download the Community Edition (CE) on sourceforge:


The big (1.3gb) zip file includes almost everything need to run the server. The only dependency is a JVM. On CentOS you just need to run:

yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk
install pentaho ce on centos. JDK requisite
installing the Java8 JDK

Install Pentaho CE server

To install Pentaho CE on Centos it’s as easy as run:


Pay attention at the file name, maybe you downloaded a newer version.

install pentaho ce server on centos. Unzipping the distribution file
unzip pentaho distribution

The second step is to change to the newly created folder and run the server:

cd pentaho-server

Just wait until the server starts.

starting pentaho server

How long? you can check the logs, all of them with this command:

tail -f /path/to/pentaho/unzipped/folder/tomcat/logs/*log
install pentaho ce on centos. Checking the logs realtime
or you can just tail for a less messy output

When you read “Server startup in [lots] milliseconds” you’ll know that is ready. It took me “only” 800 seconds because I have a slow computer.

You can also check if there is some process listening on port 8080 tcp with:

netstat -putan | grep -i listen

Try Pentaho CE

This is it. To install Pentaho CE on Centos 8 is as easy as appears to be. Now you can go with your web browser to http://[pentaho host]:8080/

pentaho ce server login screen

The default username is admin and the default password is password.

intall pentaho ce on centos. First screen after login
Pentaho CE server first login.

Finally you can start the load of your data and creating transformations.

Last but not least, if you don’t know what to do now, you can continue here:

Gonzalo Rivero
Gonzalo Rivero
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