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How To Install Oracle JDK 17 in OpenSuse 15 Leap

In this tutorial, we will learn step by step process of installing oracle JDK 17 in OpenSuse 15 Leap system.

Java is a general-purpose, also fast, secure, reliable, and object-oriented multipurpose programming language. Java code can be run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. Also, It is one of the most widely used programming language for developing software and application.

Before starting, the installation process, make sure we logged in to the system as root and update our system, to update run the following command

 zypper refresh

STEP 1: Download Java

Before downloading java run the following command to check os architecture

uname -m

from the above image, we can see our system is a 64bit based Operating System. now download the java by running the following command on the terminal screen


STEP 2: Install Oracle JDK 17 in OpenSuse

as we have already downloaded java on our system, now execute the following command in the terminal to install Java

rpm -ivh jdk-17_linux-x64_bin.rpm

as we can see from the above images, Java is successfully installed on our system. now let’s verify the Java by running the following command

java --version
Oracle JDK 17 in OpenSuse
Oracle JDK 17 in OpenSuse

Boom! We have successfully installed Java LTS on our system.

STEP 3: Test Java Code

To make sure that, our system is compatible with to run Java app, let’s create a demo java file using a text editor like nano or vim


now insert the following code and save the file

public class unixcop{
  public static void main (String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello From UnixCop");

after saving the file run the below command to compile it. while compiling code make sure your filename match with the class name


Here we reached the final step. run the following command to check the output of the file we created earlier

java unixcop

As we can see, our system is compatible to run Java.


In the tutorial, you’ve learned how to install the latest version of Java (JDK 17) on OpenSuse.


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