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How to install Lighttpd on AlmaLinux 9

In this guide, we will show you how to install lighttpd on AlmaLinux systems.

lighttpd (pronounced “lighty”) is an open-source web server optimized for speed-critical environments while remaining standards-compliant, secure and flexible. It was originally written by Jan Kneschke as a proof-of-concept of the c10k problem – how to handle 10,000 connections in parallel on one server, but has gained worldwide popularity. Its name is a portmanteau of “light” and “httpd”.

Install Lighttpd on AlmaLinux:

Follow the steps below to get started with Lighttpd:

  • Update your AlmaLinux system packages with running the below command:
sudo dnf clean all && sudo dnf update
sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools"
sudo dnf install epel-release -y
  • Lighttpd package is available on AlmaLinux epel-release repository. So You can install it directly as follows:
sudo dnf install lighttpd -y
  • Start, enable and check the status of the service by running the below commands
sudo systemctl start lighttpd
sudo systemctl enable lighttpd
sudo systemctl status lighttpd
  • Verify the LightTpd installation by checking the version of Lighttpd
lighttpd -v

Access the Test Page of LightTpd

  • You can access it by openning your fav browser then access http://localhost or http://your_server_IP as shown below

The Lighttpd is configured via the /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file. The most important options are briefly presented here.

So visit the official documentation page to find out more details.

How to Remove (Uninstall) Lighttpd

  • Remove Lighttpd by running the command below:
sudo systemctl stop lighttpd
sudo systemctl disable lighttpd
sudo dnf remove lighttpd

Install Lighttpd -Conclusion

That’s it


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