How to Install HestiaCP Control Panel on Ubuntu 20.4

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In this tutorial, we will see how to install the HestiaCP control panel on Ubuntu, which is alternative and similar to VestaCP and made by the developer of the vestaCP.After December’2019, Vestacp is not updating their software, and it seems dead project already, as there are no significant updates made in Github.So, in that case, Hestiacp is a good choice. Also, it has some extended features, regular maintenance, and its forum support is excellent.

Before starting the next step, Make sure that your server is running a supported operating system :

  • Debian 9 / Debian 10
  • Ubuntu 18.04 / Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Step 1: Login to system

Login as a root user into your Ubuntu server via ssh client like putty(if you using a windows machine) or from your Linux terminal.

Step 2: Prepare the system

Install required dependency by running the following command and press Y. and wait until complete the installation process.

apt install wget curl

Step 3: Download HestiaCP


Step 4: Install HestiaCP

To install HestiaCP run the below command on your terminal.Ensure you change information with your details below, such as hostname, email, and password.

Note: ** HestiaCP uses port 8083 to communicate admin/user GUI from the browser. also if you want you can also customize your installation.
Suppose you want to install the PostgreSQL database server. To do this, you need to add this option “–postgresql yes” into your installation command. PostgreSQL is disabled by default in HestiaCP.

bash –email [email protected] –password UnixPassw0rd –hostname –multiphp yes –quota yes –interactive yes

After running the above command, you will screen like the below images.Press “Y” to continue and wait until complete the installation process! In addition to after finished the installation process, you will see a Congratulation message on your terminal screen.


Step 5: Log in to the HestiaCP Panel:

So Now reboot the system and login to your HestiaCP control; you can log in to the HestiaCP panel using your server IP or hostname like below:

Error Troubleshoot:

During installing HestiaCP, you might get this error apt-get install failed. it happened due to broken packages or corrupted files. you can find the official troubleshoot guidelines here.


So In this tutorial, I had guided you through all the steps to install HestiaCP in your ubuntu 20.04 system. I hope this tutorial will help you install HestiaCP on your other os system, such as Debian, Ubuntu 18. You can also follow my other articles.

Everything Linux, A.I, IT News, DataOps, Open Source and more delivered right to you.
"The best Linux newsletter on the web"
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