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How To Install Gaucho on Ubuntu 20.04

In this tutorial, We will show you how to install Gaucho on Ubuntu systems.

Gaucho is an open-source, customizable task launcher to run your apps, commands or scripts.

Gaucho allows you to configure your commands once and run them in a non-intrusive interface.

With Gaucho, You can create, modify and run tasks with a simple graphical interface.

Install Gaucho on Ubuntu

Just follow the steps below to install it on Ubuntu:

  • Update your system packages as follow:
apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
  • Gaucho package is not available on Ubuntu 20.04 repository by default, so download the Gaucho from the GitHub page as follows:
  • Then install Gaucho by running the command below:
sudo apt install ./Gaucho_Linux_1.0.1.deb
install gaucho on Ubuntu


Also you can install it using snap manager by running the following commands:

sudo apt install snapd -y
sudo snap install gaucho
  • Access Gaucho Task Manager on Ubuntu by searching on Gaucho on the search bar then launch it as shown below in the screenshot:

You have successfully installed Gaucho. enjoy running your apps with tasks

install gaucho


That’s it


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