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How To Install Envoy Proxy on CentOS

This post is about How to install Envoy Proxy on CentOS

Envoy is a high-performance C++ distributed proxy designed for single services and applications.

Envoy Proxy is a modern, high performance, small footprint edge and service proxy.Envoy is most comparable to software load balancers such as Nginx and HAProxy. Originally written and deployed at Lyft, Envoy now has a vibrant contributor base and is an official Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

How to install it on Ubuntu 20.04/Debian

Install Envoy Proxy on CentOS

  • Install yum-config-manager utility by installing yum-utilities.
yum install yum-utils -y
  • Add GetEnvoy Repository by running the commands below to be able to install it.
rpm --import ''

curl -sL '' > /tmp/tetrate-getenvoy-rpm-stable.repo
  • Add the tetrate-getenvoy-rpm-stable repo as follows:
yum-config-manager --add-repo '/tmp/tetrate-getenvoy-rpm-stable.repo'
Envoy Proxy on CentOS
  • Enable the repo to install Nightly packages.
yum-config-manager --enable tetrate-getenvoy-rpm-stable
  • Install it.
yum install getenvoy-envoy -y
  • Verify the version of Envoy installed on CentOS
envoy --version


That’s it

In this tutorial, we illustrated how to install this tool on CentOS 7.



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