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How to disable APT News on Ubuntu?

Hello, friends. In this simple and short post, you will learn how to disable APT News from your Ubuntu terminal.

First, what is APT News?

In short, APT news is a kind of advertisement that Ubuntu subtly inserts every time you run APT. Although many users don’t like it because they think it’s intrusive and unprecedented on Linux, the truth is that it doesn’t bother too much.

With APT news, you will also subtly receive invitations to upgrade to Ubuntu Pro to get access to special 10-year security updates.

So, in short, you can say that they are simply referring to their own “infomercials” in the apt prompt.

But for many users this can be a bit annoying and can always be removed to please everyone. This is one of the benefits of open source.

Let’s get started.

Disable APT News from your Ubuntu Terminal

This feature can be seen every time you run apt update or apt upgrade or randomly with these commands.

For example, when you run some of them, you will receive a message similar to this one

News about significant security updates, features and services will appear here to raise awareness and perhaps tease /r/Linux ;)

As you can see, it’s not a big deal either, but we can disable it. To do so, just run the following command

sudo pro config set apt_news=false
Disable APT News on Ubuntu
Disable APT News on Ubuntu

This way, you can run APT quietly and not see any more of this publication.

Another way is remove the ubuntu-advantage-tools

sudo apt remove ubuntu-advantage-tools


APT news is a way for Ubuntu to promote certain things in the terminal. Although it may annoy some people, it can be disabled.


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