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How to create Bootable USB using Ventoy on Ubuntu 21

Ventoy is a free and open source software to create bootable USB drives in Linux and Windows environment.

You don’t need to format your USB device everytime you want it make bootable with another OS. you just have to create a bootable USB drive once and add as many as ISOs you want in future.

Ventoy will automatically create entries for the newly added ISOs and add them to the boot menu.

Once you created the multiboot USB, boot your system with the USB drive, select the ISO you want to load and start using it.

In this tutorial we will show how to make bootable USB using ventoy in Ubuntu 21.

Use fdisk command to locate USB Drive in your Ubuntu21.

fdisk -l

As you can see my USB drive is /dev/sdb.

Download the tar file of ventoy from its official GITHUB release.


Firstly, extract the tar file.

tar -xvzf ventoy-1.0.54-linux.tar.gz

Secondly, move to the ventoy directory.

cd ventoy-1.0.54/

Now we will use Ventoy Web to create bootable USB.

For accessing Ventoy web please run the script named as “”.


Open web browser and access “” to access Ventoy Web.

As you can see Ventoy have picked my USB drive. Click on install it will ask for permission click OK.

lastly, open your file manager and copy the ISO files in the first partition. Don’t worry if you can’t find which one is the first partition. Your file manager will display the first partition only.

You can add as many ISO files as you want can choose between ISO files before installation.

We will copy Ubuntu 21 ISO image into Ventoy as shown in the picture below:

Now restart your system and boot with Ventoy.


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