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Convert ePub file to PDF Format on Linux

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to convert EPUB file to PDF on Linux easily.

EPUB files are used for creating digital publications and e-books. It became an official IDPF standard in September 2007, replacing the old Open eBook standard. It is widely known and compatible with many devices except for Kindle devices because they use another format such as MOBI.

However, it is not yet as portable as PDF files, which are better known and have almost immediate integration with all systems.

That is why many users prefer PDF files for their digital publications.

Calibre: the tool to use

Calibre is a wonderful software for reading and organizing libraries of books or digital publications. However, it has CLI tools to perform operations on the files, such as format conversion.

Calibre is present on most Linux distributions out there, so installing it would be no problem.

# For Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives
sudo apt install calibre

#For FEdora
sudo dnf install calibre

#For Arch Linux, manjaro and derivates like Parabola
sudo pacman -S calibre

However, for this tutorial it is recommended to always work with the latest stable version of the tool. To get it on your system, you can run.

sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo sh /dev/stdin
Install Calibre on Linux
Install Calibre on Linux

As you can see, Linux support is good.

Convert ePub file to PDF Format on Linux

By installing Calibre, we will also have available a tool called ebook-convert with which you will be able to make the connection without issues.

The syntax of this command is simple.

ebook-convert [epub-file] [output.pdf]

So, I will assume that there is a book called book.epub in your directory.

Now just run

ebook-convert book.epub bookpdf.pdf
Convert ePub file to PDF Format on Linux
Convert ePub file to PDF Format on Linux

You will get a screen output where it will show some processing messages.

Then, check whether the PDF is readable or not. In case of any error, you can run.

ebook-convert book.epub bookpdf.pdf --enable-heuristics

As you can see, the process is simple.

File info
File info


Converting EPUB files is easy thanks to Calibre. In addition to this, you can do it from the terminal, where we know it is faster and more efficient.


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