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Infrastructure system engineer . Egypt

How to KILL a process on Linux

Introduction To get full use of your system you must watch what's going on and monitor the utilization of the system. Linux is not a perfect...

How to use TOP command

Introduction Administrators should know what processes are running and the consumption of each of them. That's why you need tools to help you to monitor your...

How to use PS command

Introduction Using a system without monitoring what's happening in the background is not a good thing to do -especially in Linux- because as a result,...

How to reset root password on Red Hat 7/8

Introduction Root user or as we commonly say super user (privileged user) is the most dangerous user in our environment because of its powerful capabilities...

How to mount NTFS disk on Linux

Introduction Before we start to dive into our topic, we need to clarify some terms and to explain some of the differences between the different...

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